The means of payment available to us ensure the security of data and transactions. We propose different payment methods to facilitate your purchase.

Buitanda offers the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer / Deposit / Payment by Multicaixa Reference

a) Available to customers who wish to make payments into the account of Buitanda domiciled in Angola.

b) Payments are made in Kwanzas (AKZ);

c) The transfer or deposit should be made in favor of Buitanda, according to the account data indicated in the order confirmation email;

d) You have a maximum of 48 hours to pay your order;

e) The order is only considered valid after Buitanda's confirmation of the respective payment. To do so, for security reasons, the Customer must send proof of transfer / deposit, indicating the respective order number, to the e-mail address If the Customer is unable to send the respective proof, he should contact Buitanda Online ( +244 923 474 222).

f) If payment is not confirmed, after a period of 3 working days from the date of sending of the confirmation e-mail, the order is cancelled. In these cases, if the Customer wishes you can place a new order or ask Buitanda Online contacts to reactivate the order.

g) When payment is confirmed, the order is considered valid by Buitanda and its logistical processing begins, for its dispatch to the Customer or authorization of withdrawal.

h) Payments by Multicaixa Reference can be made at any ATM in the country, on the Internet through your Homebanking or through the Multicaixa Express App. 

Payment of Multicaixa Referral through APP Multicaixa Express:
To join, go to an ATM/ATM and follow these steps:

Insert your card and mark your personal code;
Select "Other operations";
Choose the option "MCX Express";
Select "Join the service".
Enter your mobile number
Choose a pin for MCX Express and confirm it
Confirm your details
Withdraw your card and download the Multicaixa Express app: Available at App Store and Play Store
At APP Multicaixa Express, follow these steps:

Enter your mobile phone number and press Send;
Enter the verification code you received by SMS and press Send;
Enter the 6-digit MCX Express PIN that you defined in the Automated Box at the time of joining.
i) The confirmations of these payment methods are automatic.




Banco Millennium Atlântico  


ACCOUNT AKZ: 19701366210001

IBAN: AO06 0055 0000 9701 3662 1012 5